performed in Luzern (CH), January 2021

“Betonchilbi” is an abstract film that deals with the structures and textures, the ugly and the beauty and the sound of the concrete-staircase in the new campus of the academy in Luzern (CH).

What you hear is a recorded live concert of me playing in and with the staircase and with the staircase’s special reverb-towers (no artificial reverb added). In preparation for the concert, I have spent a week in the building, absorbing the life of the school, the people walking around, their moods, the sound of the staircase, and then composed a loosely structured piece open to improvisation. The concert a conversation with the building itself, an immersive sound experience, which is hard to preserve in a recording. That’s why I decided to add a visual component to it, to present a further point of view.

So, what you see is partly the documentation from the concert, and partly additional filmed structures and textures of the staircase, contrasting and supporting the music, adding another layer and dimension

music and concept: Can Etterlin
cameras: Eirik Sanner, Emilio Guim, Can Etterlin
cut: Can Etterlin