das wasser ist niemals einsam

“Das Wasser ist niemals einsam”

823 glaciers
1689 km²
481 m³/s

Water freezes. Water thaws.
Water stands still. Water flows.
Water destroys. Water gives life -
but above all:
It leaves traces.
Visible, tangible and audible.

Abican tries to accompany, document and reconstruct water on its way to civilization. The result is an immersive, audiovisual journey, through a two-month reflection and examination of sound, perspective, structure and texture of the Lower Engadine (CH).

The piece was composed only with collected video and field recordings from my residency at Fundaziun Nairs was originally composed and performed for 8 speakers and 3 screens in a blackbox at the Dark Days Festival HSLU (CH), in December 2021.

For the group exhibition at Kunstpause Zug (CH) in June 2022, we adapted the piece together with their team as an installation for Virtual Reality. To give another perspective on the thematic, I also performed live with the collected field recordings from the residency, together with live processed audio from collected wood.